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Troubleshooting Q & A

Troubleshoot Q & A

Many Toyota owners have questions about their vehicle as it pertains to illuminated dash lights, features and benefits, accessories and compatibilities, how to operate the navigation system and how to maintain their vehicle between professional maintenance services. In this page, we will post the common questions and simple tips that may help you understand or troubleshoot your concern(s). Some of these tips may also save you time and a visit to your authorized Toyota Service Center.

If you have questions or troubleshooting solutions you'd like to address, email them to

Note, the information contained in this page is for educational purposes only and cannot substitue for the advice of professional mechanic or authorized dealer. Don't attempt to service your vehicle if you don't have proper knowledge and tools, you can be injured and your vehicle could be damaged. Take you vehicle to an authorized Toyota Service Center.


Apple Accessories

Does your Apple iPod or iPhone not work with your Toyota or Scion iPod kit? 

Check out Scosche's adapter.  Customers found this device allowed their iPHONE to both charge and play on their Toyota or Scion audio systems with the optional iPOD kit.


Bluetooth® Technology

What is Bluetooth® Technology?

Bluetooth® is an available option that allows for wireless connections between your Toyota and many Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones. Built into the available onboard navigation system, the technology provides users with convenient hands-free phone capabilities.  Learn more about Bluetooth® Technology.

Want to find a new phone compatible with your Toyota? Or are you looking to find pairing information for your current phone with your Toyota? 

Visit or see our video tutorial.




Navigation System

How does my navigation system work?

1) Select your Toyota vehicle below 
2) Click on the "Demos & Videos" menu  3) Click on the "DVD Navigation System" or "XM NavTraffic" or "Navigation" button.

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