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Did you recently purchase a Prius Plug-in at San Francisco Toyota and now you'd like to install a plug in your home or office? Well look no further, Toyota has partnered with the industry leading global manufacturer of electrical wiring company Leviton.  Below are some information about the different types of charger units for your Prius Plug-in.


Math Section

- 95 MPGE
- ~15 mile EV range 62 mph
- 1 Charge = $0.83
- If you charged it once a day for a month, it would cost you $24.99
- 15 miles a day x 30 days = 450 miles
- Could you go 450 miles on $24.99 worth of gas?
- As a 15-20 mile commuter, you significantly reduce your use of gasoline. 



16A Unit

  • Charges at 16A / 240V
  • NEMA Type 4 rated enclosure
  • NEMA 6-20P plug-in (for garage) or hard-wired (for carport) available
  • Tool-less installation
  • Built-In CCID
  • Charges the Toyota Plug-In Prius in approximately 1.5 hours compared to approximately 3 hours using the 120V Cordset.


 Now you can "fill up" your Toyota Prius Plug-in faster than the factory-provided Level 1 (120 Volt) Cordset with the Leviton 240 Volt Home Charging Station made specifically for Toyota customers. Backed by our industry exclusive warranty and turnkey installation process, the 240 Volt Home Charging Station is safe, reliable and easy to use. The charging station can be "hard-wired" for outdoor locations or simply plugged into a 240 Volt outlet in your garage for a convenient charging experience.


GFCI Receptacle

  • 15A/120V dedicated circuit
  • Photo-sensor controlled LED guide light with 20-year life expectancy
  • Single receptacle reduces chances of overloading circuit and associated trips
  • Compatible with your 120V cordset (Included with your Toyota Prius Plug-In)


Leviton's home charging station wall receptacle features a single receptacle with a guide light that is photo-sensor controlled, making it easier to locate the receptacle when it is dark. It is built on Leviton's patented SmartlockPRO® GFCI Safety Wall Receptacle platform, and can accommodate the repetitive insertions experienced with plug-in vehicle charging.

Meets NEC Code Requirements for use with electric vehicle charging systems.


Pre-Wire Kit

  • Powder coated mounting bracket available in single or dual-stud
  • NEMA 6-20R receptacle
  • Polycarbonate safety cover
  • Wall box



Introducing an industry first for Toyota customers- Leviton’s Home Charging Station Pre-Wire System. This revolutionary system enables you to easily install your plug in Home Charging Station.

This offers the flexibility of moving the charging station if you move to a new house, want to simply change the location of the charger, or want to set up a second (or third) charging location for your electric vehicle. Once the appropriate Pre-Wire System is installed, all you will need to do to begin charging is hang your Home Charging Station on the installed mounting bracket, plug your charger in and you are ready to charge!



 For more information, contact us here at San Francisco Toyota directly and we will answer all of your questions and concerns - (415) 750-8300





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