Understanding Toyota's Trim Levels at San Francisco Toyota

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Different Toyota Trim Levels

Shopping for a brand-new Toyota should be a stress free, exciting process. When you start researching years, makes, models, trim levels, color options, and available packages, the amount of information can be overwhelming. The goal is to find the right vehicle that suits you and your lifestyle. At San Francisco Toyota, we believe in helping our customers buy a Toyota rather than just selling them one.

Guide to Understanding Basic Toyota Trim Levels

It can be quite daunting to know exactly what type of Toyota you want when there are over 10 different types of acronyms and special editions. A frequently asked question in Toyota’s market is ‘What are the different Toyota trim levels?’ This blog can help you better understand how each model organizes its trim levels.

  • L - Entry Level Grade
  • LE - Luxury Edition
  • S - Sport
  • SE - Sport Edition
  • XLE - Executive Luxury Edition
  • XSE - Executive Sport Edition
  • Limited - Luxury Grade
  • SR - Sport Rally
  • SR5 - Sport Rally 5-Speed
  • TRD - Toyota Racing Development
  • TRD Pro - Toyota Racing Development Pro Grade

When describing the vehicle model lineup, it is listed as Year, Make, Model, and Trim. or example, 2019 Toyota Rav4 XLE.

Popular Toyota Models and Their Trim Levels

Now that a basic guide has been established let’s take a closer look at some of San Francisco Toyota’s popular models. Here are some favorite models with a list of Entry Level Grade to Luxury Trim Levels.


Toyota Rav4

  • Rav4 LE
  • Rav4 XLE
  • Rav4 SE
  • Rav4 Limited

Toyota Camry

  • Camry LE
  • Camry XLE
  • Camry SE
  • Camry XSE

Toyota Prius

  • Prius L
  • Prius LE
  • Prius Limited
  • Prius XLE

If you need assistance in choosing the right Toyota for you, visit San Francisco Toyota today!

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