Why Service with San Francisco Toyota?

Keep your Toyota a Toyota.

Great news - Toyota has built its reputation on the reliability of its cars! That means you are in the know when it comes to uninterrupted driving fun. Because of this, Toyota has become one of the world's most respected brands. Every Toyota requires maintenance and when the time comes for an oil change, new tires, or a tune-up, our Service Department at San Francisco Toyota is where you will want to take your vehicle.

Before you take your Toyota to an independent mechanic, here are some things to consider:

Toyota Trained Technicians

All cars have their quirks and features and to properly care for them, your technician must be well-versed in all things Toyota. Our technicians are trained and are required to regularly complete training programs created by Toyota to teach them how to properly maintain and repair your vehicle. These programs are rigorous and full of information, eliminating the guesswork that goes into maintenance and repair.

Toyota Parts

Toyota service departments only use parts and equipment manufactured by Toyota. Do independent mechanics use Toyota parts? Maybe, but often time, they may use non-Toyota parts or even recycled Toyota parts. These parts cannot guarantee the same level of reliability and performance that using parts made by Toyota can.


If your Toyota is under warranty, the repair or maintenance you need may be free. If you take your under-warranty Toyota to an independent mechanic in San Francisco, you may end up paying for service you would have otherwise gotten for free or at a reduced price from our Service Department.

Correct Tools

Modern Toyotas have parts that may require specialized tools for maintenance, installation, and removal. Not all independent shops may have the right tool for the job and it could result in improper installation, damage to your Toyota, or other mishaps. San Francisco Toyota's mechanics have access to the tools as well as the factory instructions for proper diagnosis of issues and/or installation of parts.

Higher Standards

San Francisco Toyota's Service Department must meet very stringent requirements that are set by Toyota. Independent mechanics do not. This means that when you visit San Francisco Toyota and our Service Department, you are getting quality service. That is the peace of mind that we offer to reassure each of our clients.


Toyota owners in the San Francisco Bay Area who are looking for maintenance and repair from superb mechanics should look no further. A well-established, family owned dealership, our Service Department strives for excellent service and quick turnaround times. Visit us today for routine maintenance or repair work.