Meet Our Finance Team

Here at San Francisco Toyota, we pride ourselves on ensuring our valued guests the best delivery experience possible. We utilize the latest technology in our processes, and always put our customer's interests first.

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  • Tamara Sarrafzadeh
    Finance Director
    (415) 592 - 0897

    Tamara was born and raised in San Rafael, CA. She recently moved back to the Bay Area after spending 13 years on the East Coast. She enjoys her career at San Francisco Toyota because she truly enjoys meeting with customers and loves her passionate, smart, and engaged coworkers. Tamara has also seen the growth of the dealership, as her uncle has worked at the dealership since the 1970's when it operated under Bob Reynolds Toyota, and has loved to see how the dealership has grown since then. If she isn't working, Tamara is doing anything to get her outside and stay active. If she can do any outdoor activity with her two children, she's more than thrilled.

  • Jayson Cheng
    Business Manager
    (415) 592-0885

    Jayson is from Guangzhou, China, but has spent the past 15 years in the Bay Area. He likes his job at San Francisco Toyota because of how his coworkers treat fellow employees and customers with respect and like they are apart of the San Francisco Toyota family. If he isn't working, Jayson is learning violin and piano, or improving his photography abilities.

  • Damien Fukushima
    Business Manager
    (415) 463-0727

    Damien was born and raised in San Francisco and began working at San Francisco Toyota since 2003. Damien loves his job and his fellow team members. He goes on to say that the workplace functions like a family and the staff is very committed to whatever they are doing. When not working, Damien is an active member of the community, developing a very close relationship with the San Francisco Police Department, and assisting the fine folks with SFPD their automotive needs. In addition, Damien enjoys cooking, riding his bike, and spending time with his dogs.

  • Derenik Grigorian
    Business Manager

  • Ken Go
    Business Manager
    (415) 592-0880

    Ken was born in Hong Kong, but has spent the past 35 years in the Bay Area. With 28 years in the car industry, Ken has been with San Francisco Toyota since 2001. He loves his job because he loves working at a family-owned business and how the company feels like its own large family. If Ken isn't behind his desk, he is spending time with his family, cooking, or traveling somewhere around the world.

  • Patrick Kuang
    Business Manager
    (415) 592-0887

  • Michael Ma
    Business Manager

    Michael was born in the Canton Province of China, but has lived in the Bay Area for 25 years. Working with San Francisco Toyota for 14 years, Michael says that he loves his job here because of the customers he works with everyday. He thinks his job is fun because of his belief that Toyota makes the best cars of the planet. When he's not working, Michael spends time with his 2 kids, one girl and one boy, and can be found playing pick up basketball with his friends.